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By Diamond Dental
March 06, 2018
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The idea of getting a root canal brings up all sorts of worries and fears in some dental patients. However, root canal therapy can make all the difference root canalfor the health of your smile. It will spare your tooth and save you from unbearable dental pain. Break through the myths about root canals and make time to see a dentist at Diamond Dental in Newtown, CT to see if you can benefit from this treatment.

How a Root Canal Helps
Root canal therapy helps by allowing your dentist to restore your tooth rather than extract it. Extraction may relieve the pain you may be experiencing, but it creates a new problem—a missing tooth—that will need to be treated promptly. To put it plainly, a root canal treatment helps you avoid many future dental inconveniences and visits. But most of all, it keeps your smile complete and healthy.

Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off
The effectiveness of a root canal will be greater if you seek this treatment in the early stages of tooth decay. Early intervention will stop an infection before it reaches the lower canals of the tooth. You also shouldn’t put off a root canal because an infection can spread to other teeth or even other parts of the body. Most of all, you shouldn’t suffer from dental pain for any longer than you need to, as it can interfere with your sleep, ability to eat, and concentration when working.

Root Canals Benefits
If you’ve been hesitating to see your Newtown dentist for a root canal, think of these important benefits:

- A root canal can restore a tooth and keep it firmly rooted for decades.
- Once crowned, the tooth will look new, smooth, and perfectly colored, as if it was never infected or damaged.
- Sedation dentistry will be used to make your appointment easier and more relaxed.

No More Waiting -- Take Action Today
Seeing your dentist at the first sign of tooth decay will increase the chance that a root canal will help. Call Diamond Dental in Newtown, CT today at 203-403-2428 to schedule an examination with Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli.